Fireplace Renovation Makes Fall Transition Easy!

Balding Brothers
Fall is just around the corner with Labor Day already upon us. Everyone always hates to say goodbye to the summertime months but there are a few things about the fall that make it a little easier such as Sunday football in front of a cozy fireplace . . . which is exactly what two of our lovely clients can look forward to this upcoming season!

Check out these before pictures. Our clients live in a cool historic bungalow and they noticed the wall around their chimney had some damage.

It turned out the chimney cap was loose, as well as other roofing details, which allowed water to get in the wall behind the fireplace. We corrected the water damage issues and repaired the wall.

Then we designed a new custom mantle as well as installed a new Heat ‘n Glo gas fireplace insert.

The final product is a beauty, if we do say so ourselves!

Although it’s always hard to say goodbye to the summer, we have a feeling it may be a little easier for these clients this fall . . . :)

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