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Functional Kitchen Remodel - Balding Brothers

Custom Spice Drawers

Do you have a custom spice drawer? Because you should!

They come in so handy when you are trying to cook up a delicious dinner in a hurry and they can be designed to suit your needs specifically regarding size, width, etc.

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After Picture where you can see some of the new circle driveway

A Little Exterior Pick-Me-Up

This is a personal house that we bought two years ago. We loved the location but the house needed a little updating. At first, we focused solely on the interior and then we worked our way outside.

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Screen Porch Construction - Balding Brothers

Screen Porch Construction

Here is a screen porch that we’ll finish up shortly after Thanksgiving. It’s a spacious porch at 18′ x 22′.

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Fireplace Renovation Makes Fall Transition Easy!

Fall is just around the corner with Labor Day already upon us. Everyone always hates to say goodbye to the summertime months but there are a few things about the fall that make it a little easier such as Sunday
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